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Our missions


1. This college is a non-profit organization solely dedicated to advocating that it is beneficial for older residents to understand the truth, cultivate a taste for life, and have a colorful and abundant life.

2. Improve the overall health of the individual’s spirit, soul and body, and promote an optimistic and enterprising life and the spirit of endless learning.

3. Encourage "not to serve others, but to serve others" to participate in community services.  



HTISC provides an excellent learning place and opportunity for the elderly to "live and learn until old age". It is registered as a non-profit educational institution by the Texas government, so donations can be tax deducted.


The institute's belief and purpose is to pursue an abundant life through the integration of "living and learning". Classes adopt a course selection system, and the courses include educational, interest and practical categories.


With inspiring multilingual (Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, etc.) curriculum and faculty, there are two semesters in one academic year, with classes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


We sincerely welcome all elders regardless of ethnicity who agree with the purpose of our mission to step out of their nest and enter a harmonious, active and loving family. HTISC welcomes you to join the team of "Learning with Fun, Living Well" and we appreciate your charitable donations to benefit the lifelong learning of elders.