Our Purpose

  1. HTISC is a non-profit organization that seeks to attain the well-being of senior citizens by providing programs designed to encourage a life-long pursuit of knowledge, nurture hobbies of health-oriented life styles, and to ultimately celebrate a life filled with abundance and meaningful values.

  2. Promote spiritual, mental, and physical wholeness of humanity by instilling a philanthropic attitude for life and cultivating an optimistic view of life conductive for continual education throughout life.

  3. Encourage active participation of community service, understanding that humans are "not to be served, but to serve."


Houston Taiwan Institute for Senior Citizens is a non-profit organization under the Texas government that provides excellent opportunities and educational options for the elderly to flourish in a community setting.

Our mission is to help elders pursue abundant lifestyles through the integration of living and learning. The courses offered incorporate culture, creative arts, physical wellness, and so much more.

One academic year contains two semesters with classes that run from Mondays through Thursdays. Our instructors are professionals and experts that are multilingual, holding lectures in English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and etc.

We welcome all senior citizens who are interested in our purpose and mission and encourage you to leave your empty nests to enter an active and harmonious community. HTISC welcomes you to join us in the belief that knowledge promotes happiness and life. 

Board of Directors

Chairwoman: Meifen Chen

Dean: Samuel Hsu

Associate Dean: Yimin He

Executive Vice President: Fengchun Huang


Zhenhui Wang (Executive), Weihong Zhao, Fengchun Huang, Yuesheng Luo, Jintou Chen, Qidian Xu, Mingli Song, Xinji Hsu, Guopei Chen, Fugui Lin, Meizhi Guo